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eCommerce Marketing

eCommerce marketing is the method of bringing in sales by creating awareness on any online store brand and its product offers. eCommerce digital marketing uses traditional marketing strategies and applies them to a multichannel and data-dependent environment.

eCommerce marketing is broken down into two basic actions: directing traffic to the website and improving user experience to convert leads. Both are very important factors in determining the success and growth of a business and failing to meet one target is bound to affect the other. Marketing experts are adept at surviving in a digital landscape given they have a solid foundation in traditional marketing.

Types of eCommerce Marketing

Pay-per-click Advertising is a campaign that directs the users intending on purchasing an item to the store making it a more effective method than traditional advertising. Businesses proffer impressions by paying for each single click to get listed at the top of search engine results. Impressions are based on user search queries and strategies are built upon the keywords that offer the highest returns on investment.

Search Engine Marketing basically means paid advertising campaigns. They are efforts made on the Google AdWords platform and other paid platforms and search engines like Bing. This is a diverse term which covers all organic and paid marketing efforts.

Search Engine Optimization is different from the paid opportunities and the traffic driven from it is always through organic search engine results. To be successful at search engine optimization one has to adhere to the best practices on product pages and level them with created content, internal links, impressions on social media and other factors the search engine algorithm looks at.

Display Advertising as the name suggests is mostly visual ads such as banners and sidebars that are displayed on other websites. These ads are enabled by advertising networks such as the Google Display Network.

Affiliate Marketing involves referrals from other relevant websites or content such as product reviews, testimonials and comparisons. Affiliates with a large and loyal following or host to heavy traffic from any of the channels mentioned above are successful at this type of marketing. They take a commission from the referred sale which is determined by the case.

Email Marketing is the standards newsletters, remarketing and abandoned cart reminders used to target existing and future customers.




Building an eCommerce Marketing Strategy

Industries are always evolving but marketing trends change with each passing day. The marketing platforms and search engines are always altering their requirements, algorithms and rules that the results are based on. It is important to keep track of these changes because they could turn a successful SEO campaign into a liability. The search engines are always refining the algorithms to be able to deliver high-quality standards and its critical for marketers to monitor the developments and ensure their website complies with them.

On the other hand, these algorithms offer opportunities to the marketers on increasing the important of their website. They increase the quality of content, drive more traffic and open more channels for blogs, buying guides and other marketing platforms.

There are many advantages to eCommerce marketing one of which is that it costs very little and increases the brand’s credibility. To establish long-lasting relationships with customers the eCommerce marketing campaign is anyone’s best bet. The low-budget and high output marketing efforts produce instant results and provide comprehensive insights.

It is important to stay abreast and get connected to the eCommerce marketing community to learn tips that help online businesses take off. There are many tried and tested tactics that are bound to produce short-term as well as long-term results. It is also essential to be using a good ecommerce website to be able to focus on your marketing. For instance, Shopify offers easy to use services so that you can focus on your business.

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